Hardener PRO U-2

Ready-to-use liquid preparation. Can be applied with a brush or spray. After soaking, we can proceed to the drying process. Drying is possible in atmospheric conditions or by heating from 90 °C to dry.


  • to reinforce the surfaces of fibrous materials such as mats, modules exposed to fast erosive flows of exhaust gases.
  • to provide a coating on the surface of linings for heating units, flue gas ducts and hot gas extraction systems,
  • to harden fibrous plates in order to increase the mechanical,
  • to protect surfaces in contact with liquido protection of surfaces in contact with liquid non-ferrous metals


  • the product is ready to use
  • can be applied with a brush, by spraying with a gun or by spraying
  • Once the soaking process is complete, the drying process can begin. Drying is possible under atmospheric conditions or by heating from a temperature of approx. 90°C until drying.


The product is safe to use. However, due to alkaline reaction, in case of contact of the preparation with eyes immediately rinse with plenty of water and seek medical help. The compound is non-flammable. Does not fuel the burn.


  • do not allow to freeze
  • store between 2°C and 37°C
  • expiry date: 1 year
  • 1260°C

  • Canisters 13 kg