Z-BLOK Ceramic Modules

The Z-BLOK module manufactured by Morgan Thermal Ceramics consists of lightweight blocks of folded refractory fibre mat. When choosing the type of mat used for the construction of the modules, it should be determined by the parameters and operation of the furnace equipment to be lined.  

 The modules consist of three components

  • Insulation part: folded, compressed fire-resistant fibre mat
  • Tape and cladding: designed to immobilise the module, removable after fixing to the furnace shell.
  • Fastening parts: clips and ducts in stainless steel type 304, support beams are reinforced with titanium type 321, fasteners
  • Density  >160 kg/m3
    Classification temperature 1260oC 1425oC
    Chemical analysis
    Al2O3 42-46 33-37
    SiO2 52-58 48-52
    ZrO2 13-17
    Shrinkage after 24h (at temp.) 3,5 % (1260°C) 1,8% (1300°C)