Effective and versatile construction material, exhibiting high dimensional stability due to its fully cross-linked structure and fabric reinforcement, provides excellent pressure and impact resistance. Its continuous operating temperature is 120 oC, but it can be temporarily heated up to 180 oC. Suitable for oil and air with normal humidity.

o Electro-insulation

o Low specific weight

o Easy machining and machinability

o Low coefficient of friction and abrasiveness 

o Vibration damping and low-noise capability

o Resistant to chemicals

o High load, statistical and dynamic strength

o High creep resistance and dimensional stability

Textolite works well as a construction material, especially in the steel and engineering industries. It is also used as a material for making electrical insulating elements in transformers, also in medium- and low-voltage switchgear.
o Gear wheels

o Slats and slideways
o Bearings and bearing shells

  • Operation temperature


    Density g/cm3 1.4 – 1,7
    Tensile strength perpendicular to the layers MPa 110
    Impact resistance kJ/m2 7,0
    Apparent modulus of elasticity MPa 7000
    Electrical strength at 90oC in oil perpendicular to the layers for 3 mm thickness kV 1,5
    Breakdown voltage 90oC in oil parallel to the layers 1,0
  • Textolite is available in the form of sheets or cylinders/rods.