Saffil Blanket 1600

Saffil® are high temperature, lightweight, needled blankets manufactured from high purity polycrystalline wool with a polypropylene carrier to optimise strength and flexibility. Designed for use up to 1600°C, Saffil Blankets can be used in a wide variety of applications. They are especially suited to environments where the presence of ‘shot’ (unfiberised particles) is undesirable or where resistance to corrosive agents is necessary.

Classification temperature: 1600°C (2912°F).

  • Chemical analysis (%)
    AI2O 95 – 97
    SiO 3 – 5
    others <0.5
    Physical properties
    Colour  White
    Classification temperature (°C) 1600
    Loss on Ignition (wt. %)
    from Fibre  0
    from Blanket <5
    Fibre diameter (microns) 3 – 4
    Density (kg/m3 96
    Specific heat at 1000°C (J/kgK)  1000
    Thermal conductivity (W/mK)
    Mean temperature
    800°C  0,16
    1000°C  0,23
    1200°C  0,32
    Persistent linear shrinkage (%) 6 hours soaking
    1500°C  <4
  • Availability and types of packaging: 

    14 400 x 610 x 13mm

    7 200 x 610 x 25mm

    Saffil mats are packed in cardboard boxes on pallets of 1260 x 940mm wrapped in plastic.