Repair mortar z-14/ z-16

A refractory composition made of ceramic fibre, used to insulate metal and ceramic armouring and to repair and seal fibre ceramic and insulating linings.



  • construction of industrial furnaces, ceramic heating equipment, chimneys, furnaces, electrothermal,
  • for bonding insulating materials, refractory concretes,
  • applicable also as repair mortar of the above-mentioned materials
  • Repair mortar Z-14 Repair mortar Z-16
    Physical substance paste paste
    Odour odourless odourless
    pH 8-10 8-10
    Maximum application temperature °C 1450 1600°C
    Linear shrinkage % 1-2 1
    Density on delivery kg/m3 1600  1600
    Density after firing kg/m3 ok. 700  ok.700
    Compressive strength MPa 4-5  4-5
  • Repair mortar Z-14 and Z-16 is sold in 10 kg buckets.