This material features low density and high thermal stability. It is characterised by extremely high wear resistance, a very good coefficient of friction and very good resistance to extreme temperatures. Additionally, it has very good chemical resistance and is oil resistant. The plastics do, however, tend to absorb moisture and therefore exhibit poorer dimensional stability than other plastics. We distinguish between several classes of abrasion resistance of the product.


  • High rigidity, hardness, durability and mechanical strength.
  • High shape stability under thermal load.
  • Superior sliding properties.
  • Optimal abrasion resistance.
  • Very good electrical insulating strength for unmodified types.
  • High vibration damping capacity and impact resistance.
  • High impact resistance.
  • High resistance to UV, X and gamma radiation.
  • Superior chemical resistance to oils, fats, greases, gasoline.
  • Low thermal expansion.
  • Colour

    Natural or dyed

    Operation temperature

    -100OC do +150OC


    1,13 g/cm3

    Elongation after fracture

    70/200 MP

    Modulus of elasticity after fracture test

    1800/3000 MPa


    60 do 85 MPa

  • Polyamide is available in the form of sheets or cylinders/rods.