Gasket Sheet REINZOLOID FS 53

REINZOLOID FS 53 is an impregnated soft composite material on a cellulose base and features a good cost-to-benefit ratio. Gaskets made of cellulose are very adaptable and prove highly durable in contact with oil and fuel. The material is compressible and conformable.

Applied to gearboxes, carburettors, fuel and oil pumps, axles for sealing fuels, oils, water, anti-freeze mixtures and corrosion inhibitors. This material is not recommended for steam and dry heat handling.

  • Maximum operating temperature °C 120
    Maximum operating pressure bar 10
  • Nominal thickness Tolerance (mm) Roll length (m)
    0,25 ±0.05 200
    0,5 ±0.05 150
    0,75 ±0.07 100
    1 ±0.10 50
    1,5 ±0.10 60