KLINGER® Quantum is an exclusive gasket material with superior elasticity at high temperatures, manufactured with high quality fibres and fillers. Based on high temperature resistant HNBR as a bonding agent. Suitable for water, steam, oils, gases, fuels, alcohols, salt solutions, weak organic and inorganic acids, hydrocarbons, lubricants and coolants.

This exceptional performance of KLINGER®Quantum can be clearly seen in the ISO 178 deflection test, which assesses the elasticity of the sealing material. After 600 hours at 200°C 

KLINGER®Quantum exhibits elasticity 8 times higher than that of known fibre-reinforced gasket materials.

Steam resistance.

Thanks to its excellent physical properties, which are maintained even at high temperatures, the material can be used in vapour environments with temperatures of up to 340°C.

The calculation program KLINGERexpert allows you to select a gasket and provides all relevant technical parameters needed for the sealing connection.

  • Temperature under continuous operation Peak temperature Maximum pressure
    -100°C  –  350°C -200°C  –  420°C

     10 MPa

  • Dimensions of standard sheets:

    Sheet size (mm):  1000×1500,   2000×1500
    Thickness (mm):  0,5   1,0   1,5   2,0   3,0