Special high-pressure gasket material designed for use in high-temperature alkaline media and superheated steam.

Basis: Manufactured with carbon fibres and special heat-resistant additives and reinforced with a nitrile binder. High-tech material for use in highly alkaline environments and in high temperature vapour environments. 


Approved as fire safe in accordance with BS 5146, approved by DIN-DVGW, tested by BAM, complies with WRC approval, recommended by KTW.

  • Temperature under continuous operation

    Peak temperature Maximum pressure
    -200°C  –  250°C -200°C  –  400°C

     7 MPa

  • Dimensions of standard sheets:

    Sheet size (mm):  1000X1500,   2000X1500
    Thickness (mm):  0,5   1,0   1,5   2,0   3,0