Cerafiber bulk 1260/ L-2

Cerafibre are spun refractory fibres made from electrically fused alumina and silica. The fibres are available as lubricated and unlubricated products. Typical applications for engineered fibres include plastic reinforcement, metal matrix composites and automotive applications and form the basis for ceramic fibre processed products such as sheets, vacuum formed shapes, and papers and felts.  Cerafibre is resistant to most chemicals except strong alkalis, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid and molybdenum.

  • Classification temperature °C  1260
    Colour white
    Average fibre diameter µm 2,5
    Chemical analysis
    SiO₂ % 54
    Al₂O3 % 46
    Chloride leachable % trace
    Other % trace
  • Fibres are packed in 20/25 kg bags.