Biodegradable insulation fabrics

BIO insulating fabric consists of yarns made of high quality biosoluble refractory fibres. Unlike ceramic fibres, this material is not subject to any hygienic restrictions in the countries of the European Union in accordance with the Q note of Directive 97/69 EC. The fibres used feature excellent thermal stability and retain their original structure up to the maximum application temperature. BIO type products do not contain refractory ceramic fibres (RCF) and asbestos.

The product contains approximately 18% organic fibres, which can burn out during the first period of operation without any loss in key performance parameters. BIO fabrics are applied as thermal insulation for all types of machines, devices, installations where contact with high temperatures occurs and where we want to limit heat flow. They are particularly often used as thermal screens, insulation in the process of heating welded structures or as hose covers.

  • Maximum continuous operating temperature 650
    Maximum temporary operating temperature [°C] 800
    Plain weave, single ply
    Maximum loss after ignition % 18
    Maximum shrinkage % 3
    Density in g/cm3 0,5 ± 15 %
    Colour White and green
    Raw material BIO yarn
  • BIO biodegradable fabric is available in rolls 100 cm wide, 2mm and 3mm thick.

    Roll length: 30m.

    It is possible to purchase in smaller quantities than a whole roll.