Repair mortar BIO-Mastic

Biodegradable fibre-based refractory mass in the form of filler containing SiO2, CaO and MgO oxides, used for the insulation of metal and ceramic armouring and to repair and seal the lining of fibrous and insulating ceramics.



  • construction of industrial furnaces, 
  • ceramic heating equipment, chimneys, furnaces, electrothermal,
  • for bonding insulating materials, refractory concretes,
  • applicable also as repair mortar of the above-mentioned materials
  • Physical substance paste
    Odour odourless
    pH 8-10
    Maximum application temperature (°C) 1300
    Density on delivery (kg/m3) 1600
    Density after firing (kg/m3) 700
    Compressive strength (MPa) 4 -5


  • Repair mortar BIO-Mastic is sold in 10 kg buckets.