Rockwool Industrial Wool

Rockwool Industrial Wools are rock mineral wool fibres produced in the form of mats or semi-rigid or rigid boards with an optional layer of glass fibre reinforced aluminium foil. Rockwool Industrial Wools are rock mineral wool fibres, available as Prorox WM 950, Prorox WM 960 mats or as semi-rigid or rigid Prorox SL 960, Prorox SL 970 boards with an optional glass-reinforced aluminium foil layer, e.g., Prorox WM 950 ALU, Prorox SL 960 ALU, Prorox SL 970 ALU

Wool is designed for thermal and acoustic insulation, for insulation of surfaces or spaces difficult to fill with other products.

Our offer also includes Rockwool laggings. These are non-flammable mineral wool insulations produced in the form of ready-made pipe covers. They are designed for insulating heating pipelines, heat distribution pipelines, central heating pipelines, process heat pipelines, hot domestic water pipelines or heat distribution centres. Additionally, this insulating material can be covered with aluminium foil.