PAROC wool

Paroc industrial wool is non-combustible stone wool insulation for fire protection and insulation of steel structures, chimneys, doors and furnaces. Stone wool insulation has different properties, which are largely dependent on the density of the material as well as the thickness of the insulation used.

The sheets are also available with a glass veil covering on one side in natural colour, and optionally with aluminium foil.

  • Euro reaction to fire class A1 A1
    Continuous combustion NPD
    Flammability non-combustible product
    Declared thermal conductivity λD 0,038 W/mK
    Thickness Tolerance, T T5
    Air flow resistance AFR NPD
    Water absorption (short-term) WS, (Wp) ≤ 1 kg/m²
    Long-term water absorption WL(P), (Wlp) ≤ 3 kg/m²
    Long-term water absorption WL(P), (Wlp) 1
    Steam flow resistance Z NPD
    Sound absorption NPD
    Dynamic stiffness SD NPD
    Compressibility NPD
    Compressive strength at 10% deformation CS(10), σ10 NPD
    Compressive strength CS(Y), σm NPD
    Point load EN(5) NPD
    Tensile Strength Perpendicular to Surface TR, σm NPD
    Release of dangerous substances NPD
    Creep in compression CC(i1/i2/y) σc,Xct NPD
    Constant reaction to fire with exposure to heat, climatic factors and time of use The fire properties of mineral wool do not decrease over time. The European classification of products is related to the organic binder content, which does not increase with time.
    Unchangeability of thermal resistance under the action of heat, climatic factors and time of use. The thermal conductivity of mineral wool products is unchanging over time, the structural fibres are stable and there are no gases other than atmospheric air in the pores of the product. 
  • Width and length Thickness
    600 x 1200 mm 20 – 120 mm
    1200 x 1800 mm 20 – 120 mm