Glass fibre insulating tape

Glass tape is woven from high textured glass yarn (E-fibre) resistant to very high temperatures. The weave is either single or multi-ply. Alternatively, the tapes can be equipped with a self-adhesive layer and coloured black.

Insulation tapes are used as thermal insulation for all types of machinery, equipment, installations where there is contact with high temperatures and where we want to limit heat flow. They are especially often used as thermal insulation barriers, insulation in the process of heating welded structures or as hose or cable shields working near heat sources.

  • Raw material glass tape

    Classification temperature oC



    cloth, single or multiple layers

    Density  g/cm3

    0,7  +/-15%

    Maximum loss after ignition %


    Maximum shrinkage %


  • Width: 8 – 500mm

    Thickness: 2 – 10mm

    Roll length: min 50mb